How to Take Part

How to take part in our auctions

Diamantino Leilões performs in room and exclusively online auctions. 

In room auctions usually take place in hotels and exhibition rooms, with or without access to the public, and are managed by an auctioneer. When the public have access to the auction, Diamantino Leilões may demand pre-registration in the event. All buyers need to make a registration in the room entrance, and can only have access to the auction after that. In this type of auctions (in room) we accept room bidding, online bidding (registration is mandatory in our website), telephone bidding and post, fax and e-mail pre-bidding. Everytime you choose not to bid in room or online, we recommend you to fill the Purchase Order form, print it, and send it completely filled by post or e-mail. 




Exclusively online auctions doesn´t have an auctioneer, and it’s our system that manage the auctions automatically. You must be registered in our website to participate.