Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1- To see the available lots, buyers can contact Numismática Diamantino to arrange a visit to our office. The limit date to request the visit and the days of the visit are established by Numismática Diamantino.

2- In specific lots, in the end of the auction, buyers may have to do a deposit, previously established by Numismática Diamantino, to confirm its acquisition. These lots are identified in the auction’s catalogue.

3- Buyers must be approved by Numismática Diamantino.

4- The auctioneer is the maximum authority during the auction, and has the right to split lots, group them or put them again in auction when is not clear who did the last bid. The minimum bidding is also decided by him.

5- In case of a tie, pre-bidding has priority. If the tie is between two pre-bids, the first received in our office will be winner.

6- Buyers can bid live by phone or online (Bidspirit). Pre-bidding is also available by mail (CTT) or e-mail.

7- Lots must be paid 7 days after the auction, and can only be delivered after that.

8- Buyers are responsible for the shipping and insurance costs. Numismática Diamantino is not responsible for any damage or disappearing during shipping.

9- A commission of 17% will be added to the price the lot was sold, plus legal VAT.

10- Buyers must be aware of particular terms and conditions of each auction.